Musical Analysis

Issue Title
Vol 3 (2017) On methods of collecting and ordering folk melodies [1907]  PDF  ORIGINAL
Adolf Chybiński
Vol 3 (2017) Guidelines for collecting folk melodies [1925]  PDF  ORIGINAL
Adolf Chybiński
Vol 1 (2015) Rhythm in Life and in Popular Art in Sicily  HTML  PDF  ORIGINAL
Alberto Favara
Vol 3 (2017) Survey of various musical manifestations observed in French Upper Guinea [1924]  PDF  ORIGINAL
Charles Joyeux
Vol 2 (2016) How musical are the Fulɓe Jelgooɓe of Burkina Faso? The local category of “vocal power”  HTML  PDF  ORIGINAL
Sandrine Loncke
Vol 2 (2016) Polyphony in Iranian Music  HTML  PDF  ORIGINAL
Mohammad Taghi Massoudieh
Vol 1 (2015) Maqâm-e Delkash: A Comparative Look at the Concept and Characteristics of Maqâm in Persian Dastgâhi Music  HTML  PDF  ORIGINAL
Ârash Mohâfez
Vol 3 (2017) Majorification or something else? A schottische through several generations of Hardanger fiddle players [2002]  PDF  ORIGINAL
Hans-Hinrich Thedens
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